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Lackluster Energy? Adrenal Supplements Could Help!

Mature adult women yoga classAre you tired or downright exhausted most days? Do you need several cups of coffee to get through your workday? Your adrenal glands could be the culprit. These are stress organs so if you’re under stress for an extended period you’ll end up in adrenal fatigue. That’s why so many people have lackluster energy.

If you’re already in adrenal exhaustion or fatigue that’s not something that can be changed with good nutrition alone.

Adrenal supplementation, however, can change everything because the hormones are all so interconnected. When your adrenals are functioning correctly you won’t feel as stressed. Plus, you won’t store body fat as readily. The male and female hormones also can start to work correctly.

Using Applied Kinesiology Testing (AK)

Dr. Hoganson will use AK to determine which adrenal supplements will work best for his patient so his approach is always customized. One supplement we recommend at the practice is Stress Essentials Balance.

Cortisol Manager

Cortisol levels rise when you are under stress to maintain the “fight or flight” response. In today’s stressful world and high stress work environments, our cortisol levels rise and stay elevated! This keeps us at high stress mode all the time, preventing us from restful sleep at night, and causing us to store and hang on to belly fat. Cortisol Manager, taken at bedtime, helps reduce unnecessary cortisol, and allowing melatonin in our body to do its job…. helping us sleep.

How Chiropractic Can Reduce Stress & Boost Energy

In addition to taking supplements, we recommend getting adjusted. That’s because chiropractic reduces muscle tension, which can promote relaxation. Plus, when your spine is aligned you also may have more energy so that’s another great reason to get adjusted!

You don’t have to put up with crushing fatigue. We want to help you enjoy a life of vitality naturally. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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