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Sports Chiropractic

Woman running on roadAt Hoganson Chiropractic Center, we love to help active people remain able to participate in their favorite hobbies. Whether you play a sport regularly or like to take a jog on the weekends, we provide chiropractic care, rehabilitation and laser therapy to help you get back in the game.

Acute Injuries Welcome

Often, athletes seek us out because they’ve had a recent injury. We can use Kinesio Tape®, cold laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments and exercises to assist you. Dr. Dave has sat on the sidelines at football, basketball and volleyball games, addressing any concerns that would arise. He has a wealth of experience in treating a range of different injuries.

You’ll be thoroughly evaluated and asked all the questions we need answers to in understanding how best to help you. We know you may have come straight from the field, so we’ll work quickly to figure out what’s wrong and provide you with the care you need.

It’s the Pro Athlete’s Secret

All professional sports teams have a team chiropractor. Athletes at an elite level will get adjusted multiple times a week. They’ve found that their performance levels skyrocket when they’re adjusted regularly. If you have an adjustment on the day of an event, the chances are that it may be your best performance yet.

We Understand What It’s Like to Be Injured

Dr. Dave played softball regularly for years. He’d get adjusted on the day of the game because he would hit the balls out of the park more often. Without an adjustment, the balls would be more likely to hit the fence than go over it.

When Dr. Dave first went to a chiropractor, it was because he was injured while playing football. The medical doctors told him surgery was the only way to go. Instead, he went to a chiropractor and got back to the game without any surgery needed.

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Contact our team today to set up your consultation for sports chiropractic Marshall! Dr. Dave is pleased to offer a complimentary first meeting to learn more about what we do without cost or obligation.

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