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bowl of supplementsAre you always tired? Do you have a skin condition or allergy issues? Is there something about your health and well-being you’d like to change? The answer may lie in your nutrition. At Hoganson Chiropractic Center, Dr. Dave offers nutrition advice that can help you transform your lifestyle.

Why We Require Extra Help

You might think, “I eat pretty healthy. Why would I need vitamins?” Surprisingly, many of our foods might not be as nourishing as you think. Furthermore, they’re full of preservatives that the body can’t break down, so the foods may not be used by the body. Think of it this way: if your foods can rot and spoil, that means your body can break it down and use it.

By giving your body the proper nutrients, you can function more effectively and efficiently. The cells in your body, which must replicate and heal, require proper nutrition to regrow.

How We Determine Your Needs

Dr. Dave uses a form of testing called applied kinesiology to see what your body requires for nutrition. Combined with a consultation that gives us information about your history and concerns, we can create the nutrition plan that’s right for you.

We carry several lines of vitamins in our office. You can purchase an array of products directly from us.

Not All Vitamins Are Made Equally

You might think that any vitamins are made the same. That’s not the case! Vitamins that are whole food absorb into your body at 90%. Vitamins that are “natural” absorb about 70%. The synthetic-made vitamins you get from any store absorb into your body at about a rate of 10%. From these statistics, it’s clear that whole food vitamins are the superior choice!

Nutrition for Kids

The need for vitamins isn’t limited to just adults. Your little ones need help with their nutrition, too. We have supplements that are chewable, including Vitamin C, probiotics and melatonin. These supplements are particularly helpful for kids that have earaches, colds or other immune challenges. Melatonin is effective for children who have trouble sleeping, which can be a lifesaver for the entire family.

Weight Loss Program Available

If you’re interested in nutrition specifically for weight loss, we offer the Ideal Protein® protocol. Through this program, you can achieve incredible results in a matter of weeks. It’s scientifically designed and has been used by numerous people in our office because of its success rate.

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