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New Patients

Hoganson Chiropractic Center is a comfortable place where your entire family will feel at home. When you walk in, our team is excited to see you. After a warm greeting and introducing ourselves, we’ll set you up with the necessary paperwork for a new patient visit. Then, you’ll begin the process to get your healing going!

Your First Visit

After your paperwork has been completed, you’ll be escorted to a private room to watch a brief video about chiropractic. Then, you’ll meet Dr. Dave and have an examination. He’ll use a spinal model to go over the results of your examination, making sure you understand everything. We’ll take two MyoVision scans and computerized posture pictures of you. The next step will be the one you’re looking forward to most: your first chiropractic adjustment.

We want you to participate in your healing, so you’ll receive information on your condition and get instructions on what you can do at home. This visit takes about an hour.

Your Second Visit

At your follow-up, you’ll receive a more detailed report of findings from Dr. Dave. You’ll also get another adjustment and any needed therapies. Before your adjustment, you’ll lie down with some hot packs on you to loosen and relax you, which will be done at every visit. This appointment takes about 20 minutes.

We have same-day bookings. You don’t have to wait to get in. Contact our team now!

New Patients | (507) 537-0307