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Marshall Chiropractor | Dr. David Hoganson

Dr Hoganson

Dr. Hoganson welcomes you to Hoganson Chiropractic Center

“I Was Broken, I Needed Help”

Dr. David’s first introduction with chiropractic care occurred when he suffered a painful sports injury. He tried medical treatments, but they didn’t help with his pain. Then, he tried out chiropractic care and finally found the relief he’d been looking for.

“I became drawn towards chiropractic care after I witnessed the results myself. I was so impressed! That’s when I knew I had to be a chiropractor.”

Being a people person, Dr. Hoganson loves to “deal with people of all kinds of personalities on a daily basis, and really get to know them.” As he says, “I am very keen on building a relationship with my patients, and making you feel like a part of the family.”

“After all, helping that patient-family is why we’re here.”

Let the Exams Begin!

Dr. David studied at North Western College of Chiropractic in the Twin Cities. The biggest highlight of his educational experience was “that the course curriculum included dissection of human beings!”

“I was surprised and challenged- but it gave me a clear insight into how the human body worked.”

“He is a great chiropractor, always ready to serve every patient!” says Truly.

A Man in a Woman’s House

A father of three girls, Dr. Hoganson enjoys being the man of his house! His wife and daughters are chiropractic patients (of course), and as a family they maintain a very healthy lifestyle together.

Dr. David Hoganson loves working out, and indulges in sports like water skiing, boating, volleyball and more!

“I’m Here To Instill Hope… You Can Feel Good Again!”

Dr. David says “it’s definitely a hard task to establish people’s belief in chiropractic. There are many people who misunderstand chiropractors and what we do!”

“With all the people to care for, I’m in love with my job! It’s so rewarding!”

Interested in seeing if Dr. Hoganson can help? Still have questions? No worries! Call today to setup a time to talk and put all your worries at ease!

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