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Lose Weight & Boost Your Health With Ideal Protein

Excited lady working outHaving trouble paring those pesky pounds? Wishing you could get off medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes? Have you been told you have metabolic syndrome? If you answered yes to one or more, we have a natural approach that can help you lose weight, have more energy and even get off your medications.

It’s Ideal Protein!

This medically developed and nutritionally balanced ketogenic protocol also has been scientifically validated. Ideal Protein has had great success in helping people of all ages lose weight and manage their health. Ideal Protein is only carried by authorized providers such as Hoganson Chiropractic Center.

There are three phases involved:

#1. Weight loss – During this stage, carbohydrates are limited. Your body will turn to your fat stores for energy instead.

#2. Stabilization – You’ll be at the point of being able to manage any hunger you feel and work on feeling more satiated.

#3. Maintenance – During this phase, you’ll be able to keep the progress you’ve made.

Why It Works

While Ideal Protein is primarily used for weight loss this medically supervised ketogenic program also has the associated benefit of helping people get off of medication for insulin resistance. Another reason why it’s important to maintain a healthy weight and avoid being insulin resistant is that being insulin resistant can increase your risk for multiple types of cancer.

So while many people will use Ideal Protein to lose weight it’s amazing how it can change your health. Whether you want to lose those stubborn pounds once and for all or you’re seeking a new approach to addressing your metabolic syndrome, contact us today to get started!

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